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The best projects deserve the best websites. Our small but talented web agency can help you to reach your objectives and launch your project online.


Tailor Made CMS

Discover how our CMS can help you to manage your website in a few clicks

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Lan (Local Architecture Network) asked Mediastroika to rebuilt their website. With Systema.

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Let's keep it simple

This is all about Emotions And some bits of code

!No More Killing

Mediastroika is proud to support the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty by launching their new version online.

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Learn how we helped this magazine to launch online

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Let's make better mistake tomorrow


Ergonomy and user studies. This is what we did for

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A simple email can change it all. Contact us today and start building your project online.

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Our Products

Systema Tailor Made CMS

Systema is a high personnalized web software. We adjust it, project by project, to fit exactly your needs. Out of the box, it comes with Mosaic - a powerful and visual content management tool - media libraries, SEO optimization and many other sweets.

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  • Full Control

    Take full control of all your contents and publish them easily through the mosaic: images galleries, articles, or videos unlimited.

  • Pixel Perfect

    You can imagine the most exigent design: Mediastroika designs it for you and plug it to Systema.

  • SEO Embeded

    Search Engine Optimized: assign your titles, keywords, descriptions for the entire website, or page by page for more precision.

  • Databases

    Manage your databases through Systema: client accounts, projects or international retailers are directly plugged in.

Our Services

The A to the Z of your project

  • Consulting

    Our expertise starts from early conception to project launch. We can also review existing project and help you to improve it.

  • Design

    After setting up your goals, we create the interactive concept that fits your project, tailor made. We design and design again until complete satisfaction of our clients.

  • Programming

    Our experienced team is skilled with major Open Source technologies : Wordpress, Joomla, Zend Framework, Magento and more. Latest HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery included.

  • Marketing

    Track your audience, target clients and create marketing campaigns that bring focus on your services and products. Our solutions let you do that.

Selected Works

  • Local Architecture Network

    Local Architecture Network

    Lan (Local Network Architecture) is a talented Parisian agency founded in 2001 by Umberto Napolitano and Benoit Jallon. In 2010, Lan asked Mediastroika to renovate their website. We came with the concept of an online magazine dedicated to architecture. All managed through Systema.

  • L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

    L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

    Since it's launching in 1930, l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui has become a reference for architecture and modernist movement in general. In 2011, A'A' asked Mediastroika to launch the new version of their website. Thanks to Systema.

  • World Coalition Against Death Penalty

    The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

    World Coalition Against Death Penalty is a non governmental organization that unites 140 associations fighting against death penalty around the world. In 2011, WCADP asked Mediastroika to improve it's website and replace it's current Content Management System by Systema.

  • Allomusic

    Allomusic, is a french portal dedicated to all kinds of music and to legal streaming. In 2010, Mediastroika has been asked to coordinate the launching of Allomusic's new version.

  • Monany 2012

    Monany 2012

    In 2012, Vijay Monany is candidate for french parliamentary elections. He asked Mediastroika to advice and conduct his communication for offline and online.

  • Online Soon Paris-Sharing

    Paris Sharing

    Paris Sharing is the new scene for vacation rentals, home exchange, and Bed & Breakfast in Paris and beyond. In 2012, Mediastroika has been asked to redesign and optimize it's website.

  • Online Soon Atelier Juno

    Atelier Juno

    Based in Paris, the workshop Atelier Juno was born in 2009 of the association of two architects, Julien Franco and Bruno Codron. In 2012, Atelier Juno will launch it's first website, thanks to Systema.

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